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Pre-primary education is considered to be very important for the child as it is the first step towards entering the world of knowledge as well as a healthy and purposeful life. Pre-primary education helps children become more independent and confident as well as promotes the all-round development of the children.
In this background NGO SAPNA started a Pre-Primary School at Vijay Mandir on 8th July, 2015 by the name of "SAPNA Shikshalaya". The main aim of the school is to provide 'quality, flexible and relevant learning' and targets the underprivileged girls in rural areas at a nominal fee of Rs. 11 a day.
"Education for empowering girls with dignity and desire to redefine future"

Goal & Objectives
The goal is to provide opportunity to girls from disadvantaged families to get quality education and conducive environment for overall development. The program aims at overall development of the girls. This begins with hygiene, overall turnout, discipline, punctuality and nutrition, in addition to learning and personality development.
The objectives are:

  • Improve the educational status of underprivileged girls;
  • Ensure quality education of underprivileged girls;
  • Increase girls self-awareness, decision making and problem solving skills;
  • Increase family, peer and community awareness about girls education;
  • Provide computer and other skills of girls;
  • Promote games and sports for the girls;
  • All round development of girls.


    Current Status of Program
    Presently our programs cover a total of 113 girls, they all are from nearby villages adjacent to Vijay Mandir and studying in 6 different classes (Nursery-35, LKG- 26, Prep 30, 1st- 10, 2nd-6, 3rd-6). There are 4 teachers and 1 Educational Motivator to take care of them.

    School Schedule
    Every girl arrives at 8.00 am in the school. School has provided uniform to all the girls. The morning begins with a prayer followed by some exercises. At 9.30 girls take milk and nutrition. This is followed by story session for girls. After that there is 30 min game session. This is followed by Math, English and Hindi classes. The school ends at 01.00 pm with dancing and singing session.

    Regular parent teacher meetings are conducted to make the parents aware of the progress of the girls and other issues which they need to attend at home.
    Classwise list of Girl Child
    For admission related information contact- Niranjan Chandrul (9413303858)


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