Anandam- Home for Sick and Destitute
Ensuring the health and well-being of the sick and the abandoned.............
Care of the sick and destitute is a complex process. The risks from disability, chronic illness and destitution are a process exacerbated by poverty and other forms of structural inequalities. Cultural patterns, prevailing attitudes and expectations - all need to be factored in while homing in on a model of appropriate care. We believe in ensuring that a person who is not fully capable of self-care can maintain the highest possible quality of life, according to his or her individual preferences, with the greatest possible degree of independence, autonomy, participation, personal fulfilment and human dignity.
We also believe that their first right is to reside with their own families if possible. Hence, our aim is to give them medical and supportive care till they are capable of being rehabilitated with their families. In this way, SAPNA has been instrumental in restoring several sick and infirm persons to their families.
Goal & Objectives
The goal is to provide shelter and long-term care for the sick and genuinely destitute.
    The objectives are:
  • Empowerment of sick and impoverished.
  • Provide shelter to the sick and abandoned.
  • Ensuring their health and well-being.
  • Provide care till the time the person is comfortable and is able to perform activities of daily living independently.
  • Rehabilitate them to their families if possible.
  • Enjoy their right to healthcare, social services, economic and physical security.
  • Restore dignity, improve the quality of life and self- fulfilment.

Established on 5th Jan. 2007, the 'Home for Sick and Destitute' is being run in a rent free accommodation at Vijay Mandir, Behror Road, Alwar, Rajasthan.
Rays of Hope
Our vision is of a world in which all such sick and destitute people can lead dignified, active, healthy and secure lives.
The people directly benefiting will primarily be poor and destitute or unknown. They are sick in need of recuperative care and support. They usually suffer from memory loss due to trauma related illness unable to recollect their past. Some are in a comatose state. Some are mentally or physically challenged. Initially the Home was envisaged for the old and unknown patients. However over the years through our experience it was realized that a number of such survivors were young. The home now provides shelter both to the young and the aged. The majority however are aged. The benefits would lead to feeling of self dignity, hope and enthusiasm for future life.
the Home acts as a feeder for survivors at the Jai Prakash Narayan Trauma Centre (JNPTC), AIIMS, and the Safdarjung Hospital Dharamshala in New Delhi who are in need of recuperative care and support. There are some unfortunate ones who do not have a home or have been abandoned by their families or are unknown. Some are even in a comatose state. After being discharged by the hospital, the patients are transported by SAPNA in our ambulance to Alwar.
A dedicated team of a Caretaker and Social Workers look after the daily needs of the inmates providing nursing care, nourishment, housekeeping, clothing, etc. There are two to three inmates to a room. Comatose patients are kept separately requiring individual care and attention. Hygiene and sanitation is a high priority. A community kitchen takes care of their daily food requirements. A weekly menu has been carefully charted to provide adequate and healthy nourishment. Wheelchairs and Walkers have been provided to the handicapped. A Recreation Room takes care of their recreational and devotional needs.

Presently it is providing shelter, clothing, food, medical attention, spiritual and emotional support to 46 inmates.




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