vijay sagarVijay Sagar is a beautiful artificial lake constructed almost 100 years back by the then Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar.Also known as ‘Kaduki Lake’ in revenue records, the lake is located south of Kaduki village in Jatiana Panchayat of District Alwar in Rajasthan having a catchment area of 19.90 sq. miles with capacity of 206 MCFT. However, with passage of time the water holding capacity of the lake has deteriorated significantly and it dries up completely within 2-3 months after the rains.

SAPNA has embarked on an ambitious project to revive this lake in its original ambience. The objective is not only to restore the beauty of the lake but also entails recharging ground water, raising water table, reviving aquatic life, forestation and ecology and ultimately promoting tourism and economy.
Awareness activities and campaigns through seminars, workshops, public meetings, padyatras, film shows, advertisements, posters and banners are envisaged. The action component would include revitalising natural channels and drains, reinforcing check dams, preventing cultivation in lake area, and civil works to increase retention potential, plantation, etc.

The collaborating/ supporting agencies have been identified as the District Administration, Irrigation Dept.of Rajasthan, Central Ground Water Board, Jaipur and Delhi and DFO Alwar. Sh. Rajinder Singh of the Tarun Bharat Sangh, spirited citizens of Alwar, Panchayats of Dehra and Todiyar and the community at large are the stakeholders. A roadmap for reviving the lake has been documented which includes repair and strengthening of bund, desilting of core area, repair of water channels and forestation of surrounding hills.

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