Another initiative taken by SAPNA has been to support very poor patients suffering from kidney ailments or having undergone a kidney transplant surgery. A large number of poor patients from far-flung areas of the country, especially Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, suffering from kidney ailments come to AIIMS and stay at Rajgarhea Vishram Sadan. The treatment is frightfully expensive and has to be sustained for long periods. Ultimately, most patients are financially devastated and give up their treatment, unable to bear the expenses, and resign themselves to fate. SAPNA supports such poor patients by providing medicines free of cost on a sustained basis every month.

Accordingly, SAPNA targets the mobilisation of funds for 10 poor patients to the tune of Rs 5,000 per patient every month for procuring medicines.
16 Childrens under go successful congential Heart operation at Fortis, Gurgaon. Courtesy..'Being Human' foundation.

To support a Kidney Patient contact Senior Social Worker Rafiq (9910733070)

Financial year No's Of Kidney Patient Supported No's Of Kidney Transplant Total Expenditure(Rs.)
2012-2013 99 - 408573
2013-2014 66 - 254002
2014-2015 131 300000 1069936
2015-2016 177 150000 1290990

List Of Kidney Patients  

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