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SAPNA’s drive towards expanding employment and employability of the youth of the area is bearing fruit. Apart from training the youth, giving them meaningful opportunities, ensuring that adequate work comes in, supervising the overall work quality, looked more and more intimidating and challenging. A solution to this was found by setting by a rural BPO in April 2010.
SAPNA has trained more than 100 rural youth in ICT skills and they are now well versed in data entry work. We too realised that the commitment of the youth of Alwar was far superior than any training they needed to overcome their rawness due to lack of professional training. It took sharp supervision lasting several months to come to terms with the challenges thrown up by the sheer volume of hand-written work. The budding youth, trained by SAPNA, digitised 14,000 sheets of data in English outsourced by Punj Llyod Ltd. and were handsomely paid for the job. SAPNA is proud to have received an appreciation certificate from Punj Llyod.
At present, the young boys are engaged in data entry work for India Post at Vijay Mandir and are also maintaining data at the Post Offices in Alwar, Behror, Bharatpur, Dholpur and Deeg. On an average, a data entry operator earns about Rs 5,000-6,000 a month and possibly even more depending on his capacity to work.
We are now on the lookout for more work. For us, there is no looking back. Besides providing meaningful employment at their doorsteps, a sense of engagement and achievement has gripped the rural youth of Alwar. SAPNA’s model of providing productive and remunerative employment at the doorsteps has worked towards reducing migration, and all that the latter entails in terms of displacement, deplorable living conditions, low wages, unfamiliar working conditions and the vagaries of the job market associated with the urban scenario.


The programme entails empowering rural women by ensuring sustainable livelihoods through Appliqué Work.

Appliqué Work is a French term that refers to pieces of fabric, often colored, and stitched onto the surface of a larger piece of base fabric to form designs. It is a pattern based on a repetition of certain motif constructed from geometric shape. It is a sort of Patch Work or Quilting made from recycled material. Popular patterns have evocative names like Kachua (Tortoise), Darkhat (Tree) and Hatphool , etc. The work in the area has passed on from generations for self use.

The programme provides for training to women and girls engaging up to 15- 20 women to ensure an income of INR 2500- 3000 a month.

This product is handmade by the women of the area. Your support will contribute to the general well being of the local community and help to create sustainable social - cultural and economic life of these artisans.


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