Health for rural poor
There are around 45-50 villages within 4-5 km radius of Vijay Mandir, Alwar, having no access to proper medical facilities. A Government PHC situated nearby is almost defunct. As such, the rural masses are at the mercy of unregistered medical practitioners and quacks. Patients have to travel 10-15 km to Alwar to access proper medical aid. Women in particular get no specialised medical attention.
To provide a quality healthcare service to the villagers SAPNA started a Public Health Care Centre (P.H.C.C) on August 1, 2008 at Vijay Mandir. This PHCC also provide requisite medical care to the inmates who are staying in Anandam- Home for Sick and Destitute.
Our objective is to give accessibility to basic healthcare to the poor villagers residing near Vijay Mandir. Our efforts are to provide villagers with good basic healthcare so their health does not suffer for want of facilities. An equally important role of PHCs is to provide health education emphasizing family planning, hygiene, sanitation, and prevention of communicable diseases.
Target Area
30 villages surrounding Vijay Mandir, Alwar.
Target Beneficiaries
Beneficiaries coming from lower socio-economic background.
Patient Support
Consultation and medicines are free. A nominal fee of Rs 30/- is charged from each OPD patient for registration. A Diagnostic facility for blood tests, urine test, malaria test, ECG, and other basic tests are available. The charges for tests are on cost recovery basis. The Public Healthcare Centre in Vijay Mandir mainly receives cases of malnutrition, deficiency, diarrhea, constipation, fever, seasonal and old age problems. Many of them are curable with a little treatment if a proper medical help is approached timely. With access to a facility nearby and no cost consultation, free medication villagers from nearby areas get timely and effective treatment. Particularly the old and infirm who usually get neglected. Women suffer from hemoglobin deficiency. They also need advice and inputs from Gynae doctor from time to time so that serious problems can be prevented. It employs an M.B.B.S. doctor, a compounder and a laboratory technician who carry out routine, pathological blood, urine and stool tests at a very nominal cost to the villagers. NGO SAPNA tied up with well reputed diagnostic centre at Alwar to help patients needing diagnostic test for critical ailments. The PHCC remains functional for 4 hours every morning 8 AM to 12 noon during summers and 9 AM to 1300 AM during winters. A lady Doctor visits the Centre two times a month to counsel and treat women for gynecological problems and family planning. The PHCC is also equipped with a hi-tech ambulance which is used to ferry patients from the Trauma Center, Delhi and transporting patients from the Home in times of emergency.

Doctor: Dr. M. L Meena
Compounder: Hitesh Kumar & Vijay Singh Chauhan
Lab Technician: Krishna Kumawat

Till date more than 55,000 patients have availed the services of the Public Health Care Centre

Financial Year OPD's OPD Gyane Diagnostics Last Registration No. Total Expenditure(Rs.)
2012-2013 5888 429 773 38783 147453
2013-2014 4930 190 712 43714 491497
2014-2015 4605 282 534 48314 468106
2015-2016 3233 432 997 52137 396266
2016-2017 1143 59 96 53282 410998

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