The programme entails empowering rural women by ensuring sustainable livelihoods through Appliqué Work.

Appliqué Work is a French term that refers to pieces of fabric, often colored, and stitched onto the surface of a larger piece of base fabric to form designs. It is a pattern based on a repetition of certain motif constructed from geometric shape. It is a sort of Patch Work or Quilting made from recycled material. Popular patterns have evocative names like Kachua (Tortoise), Darkhat (Tree) and Hatphool , etc. The work in the area has passed on from generations for self use.

The programme provides for training to women and girls in Alwar, engaging up to 15-20 women to ensure an income of INR 5000 a month.

Key objectives of this project are :
• To empower women and eradicate poverty through enterprise and skills development
• To develop traditional craft popular among the  women of the  area – ‘Applique Work’ to  generate financial resources for  creating financial independence;
• To promote concept of saving and thrift to meet their financial needs in long term and create financial security;
• To build the capacity of potential trainees and develop market linkages for the sustainability of community livelihood;
• To prepare trainees and artisans for social change in the community through ‘value based’ education and to develop social values;
• To promote thrift and to empower women by providing them livelihood;
• To enhance women employability (wage/self-employment) and ability to adapt changing;
• To improve productivity and living standards of the women;
• To develop a high-quality skilled workforce/entrepreneur relevant to current and emerging employment market needs;
• To create opportunities for all to acquire skills throughout life, and especially for youth, women and disadvantaged groups;
• To conduct need based training programs in order to ensure and strengthen the condition of poor people;
• To uplift the social and economic status of the deprived community through sustainable development.

This product is handmade by the women of the area. Your support will contribute to the general well being of the local community and help to create sustainable social - cultural and economic life of these artisans

         Proposal for Sapna Handicraft

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