The programme entails empowering rural women by ensuring sustainable livelihoods through Appliqué Work.

Appliqué Work is a French term that refers to pieces of fabric, often colored, and stitched onto the surface of a larger piece of base fabric to form designs. It is a pattern based on a repetition of certain motif constructed from geometric shape. It is a sort of Patch Work or Quilting made from recycled material. Popular patterns have evocative names like Kachua (Tortoise), Darkhat (Tree) and Hatphool , etc. The work in the area has passed on from generations for self use.

The programme provides for training to women and girls in Alwar, engaging up to 15-20 women to ensure an income of INR 5000 a month.

This product is handmade by the women of the area. Your support will contribute to the general well being of the local community and help to create sustainable social - cultural and economic life of these artisans

Financial Year No. Of Patients Milk Distributed (lts) No. Of Lunch & Dinner Distributed No. Of Operations Total Expenditure(Rs.)
2012-2013 630 11506 39544 - 1678766
2013-2014 850 9830 34005 19 2298787
2014-2015 1024 9204 26067 59 3365819
2015-2016 1283 6090 24500 75 3548400

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