Short stay home was started on 6th April, 2017. From previous experience of SAPNA extending support to poor and needy patients at apex government hospitals in Delhi gave rise to idea of expanding our ANANDAM ALWAR. The main idea was to start similar facility and give it a shape of short stay patient care facility in Delhi NCR. Depending upon the diagnosis the patients stay on an average about 15 days and entails recovery from a serious medical event, such as an accident or multiple trauma, paralysis, orthopaedic or a surgical procedure.

Looking at the distance and medical situation of patient, movement of patients from Delhi to Alwar for frequent treatment was one of the major problems. SAPNA was also looking for a short stay facility in Delhi NCR region for patients accessing medical services at the Safdarjung Hospital, All India Institute of Medical Sciences & Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre. In its effort to reach out people and extend helping hand to those who could not sustain their treatment in Delhi, SAPNA started looking for an infrastructure which can be used as hospice. Fortunately after a long wait someone offered us a house in Noida for said purpose. To start with SAPNA is planning to provide short stay facility to 10 patients for the current year and scale up operations based on our experience and learning..

Prime objective is to provide short stay care facility to unknown patient coming for treatment in Apex Hospitals in Delhi. Short term goal is to provide immediate care support to unknown patients discharged from Safdarjung Hospital, All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre. Long term strategy is to provide them such an ambience where patients can actively start participating in our day to day activity. As they start recovering from their ailments, our social workers use to engage them in day to day activity of SAPNA. We at SAPNA always try to identifying their core strengths and provide them appropriate training to become contributing citizen. We strongly believe in changing lives through continuous effort.


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