The living dead
SAPNA completed four years at the Trauma Centre, AIIMS, on December 18, 2011. it continues  with the onerous task of looking after unknown trauma patients brought in by the police/CATS ambulance to the Centre. Everyday one or two such patients  come to the Centre. Some are in a state of trauma while others are in a comatose state, almost left for dead.
SAPNA supports the unattended/unknown trauma patients by providing nursing care, nutrition, clothes, etc. It helps in identifying the patient and establishing contact with relatives once their identity is established. A majority of the patients are restored to their family after treatment by establishing contact or  escorted by our social workers to their homes. Quite a few homeless patients are rehabilitated by establishing linkages with rehabilitation centres in Delhi. Some are accommodated at the Home for Sick and Destitute in Alwar. The Delhi Police are kept informed about the course of action.

Senior Social Worker-Rafique(9910733070) , Social Worker-Anita(9810755571)

Financial year No's Of Patients Admitted Patients Sent Home No's Rehabilitated Sent To Alwar Total Expenditure(Rs.)
2012-2013 395 268 13 23 1206530
2013-2014 256 141 25 16 129698
2014-2015 291 157 32 12 1234764
2015-2016 364 173 43 31 1225956


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