Since December 1, 2008, SAPNA is partnering with the local police in Alwar, Rajasthan to run a guidance and protection centre for women under the aegis of the Mahila Thana known as the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra. The MSSK is a holistic redressal centre for women providing support to women facing violence by way of:

  • Assisting them to negotiate their way through the Criminal Justice System;
  • Settling disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Providing rehabilitation to women survivors of violence;
  • Providing medical aid, legal aid, psycho-social support, shelter, economic rehabilitation and any other relief required.

The concept underlying the centre is that of providing a comprehensive strategy of redressal for women who come to the centre for support. The single window assistance can range from mediation to legal aid, to intervention within the police system and the judiciary, to economic rehabilitation, to trauma counselling, to shelter and care.

Representatives of womens organisations and other civil society representatives assist the centre regularly on a voluntary basis. The centre is in the process of setting up referral services with other organisations in order to provide effective relief to the women seeking assistance from it.

Coordinator & Chief Counselor: Astha Singh (0144-2702565)
Counselor: Ritu Rani Ragahv (7597486244)
Constable: Harsh Kumar (9636501667)
Constable: Pooja (9079263195)
MSSK (Office): 0144- 2702565

Article on MSSK by Ms.Jasveen Alhuwalia & Mr. Sudhir Pratap Singh

Article on 'Institutions and abused women': an interactional model to access justice in India by Mr. Sudhir Pratap Singh & Ms. Neerambika Mahapatra

Annual Report Mahila Suraksha Evam Salah Kendra

International Women's Day Celebration- 8th March, 2018
Financial Year Total Cases Registered Male Clients Female Clients Closure Consultancy Total Expenditure(Rs.)
2012-2013 133 461 658 149 2312 241749
2013-2014 114 338 630 92 2034 244498
2014-2015 179 770 1089 186 3171 431015
2015-2016 237 951 882 105 2787 233281
2016-2017 129 988 1240 140 2828 288944

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