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Navya, the Livelihood Project for Women Artisans

The place of crafts in traditional societies and their ethical, environmental and socio-cultural values have been very important. Over the last few decades, industrial production has displaced handcrafted products. Through the livelihood project, Navya, artisans and crafts persons are being encouraged to embrace their lost, creative, knowledge economies.

Navya provides design inputs through immersive innovative workshops and dialogues that motivate craft practitioners to co-create new designs. The Delhi and Alwar chapters of Navya have already taken off. SAPNA has identified rural crafts and weaving clusters in Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It is expected that the project will be replicated in these states within a year.

Promoting the Hand-woven

Woven into the country’s collective consciousness as a symbol of India’s freedom struggle, khadi continues to address the needs of those on the margins. The natural, organic khadi fabric that addresses the ecological priorities of our time has also marked its presence in the global arena as an ‘Indian Brand’. Inspired by the cherished values that khadi represents a sale centre has been set up at Vijay Mandir.

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