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Eye Care

Mahatma Gandhi Netralaya

SAPNA began to provide high-quality eye care to the underserved rural areas of Alwar in 2007. In 2010, a Vision Centre was set up at Vijay Mandir.This was followed by the construction of Mahatma Gandhi Netralaya which is located in the village Kaduki, Alwar and stands as a beacon of hope for the elderly & poor in the region. It became operational on 25th August,2017. Our primary mission is to provide secondary-level eye care services to those who cannot afford treatment at private hospitals or are unable to access eye care due to low penetration in rural areas.

We are indebted to the generous support of late Ms. Prabha Singh and the CSR initiative of Coal India Ltd., which made the construction of this state-of-the-art hospital possible.

Mahatma Gandhi Netralaya consists of a team of two full-time optometrists under the supervision of Pramukh Sewak, two part-time experienced surgeons, one part-time anesthetist, and an OT assistant.

Our hospital’s walk-in OPD services are available from Monday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, with a nominal token fee of Rs. 50. Once or twice a week, we conduct cataract surgeries to restore vision to those in need. In 2022-23, 5500 people were examined in OPD and 863 cataract surgeries were performed.

Outreach Eye Camps

Our commitment to reach the poorest and elderly in the community who cannot access our hospital has led to the weekly outreach eye camps held every Sunday in villages. These camps offer free eye check-ups, medications, and eyeglasses to those in need. For individuals identified with cataract during these camps, our hospital provides free transportation to and from the facility, where there cataract surgeries are performed at no cost. The day after surgery, they are safely transported back to the camp location.

In the last financial year, we organized 42 outreach eye camps, identifying and providing treatment to those who needed it the most. Total 7695 peoples were examined in outreach camps; 495 cataract surgeries were performed successfully. Our effort resulted in bringing light and clarity to the lives of 495 individuals & their families who had been living in darkness. Furthermore, we distributed a total of 2,635 eyeglasses, empowering individuals with improved vision and a brighter outlook on life.

We are grateful to ICICI Foundation for providing us with high tech. eye equipment. We are thankful to Escorts Ltd and Dhirendra & Shanta Mehta Foundation for providing financial assistance to conduct outreach camps and surgeries. Special thanks to Shri. Vikas Gupta our executive member & director of MGN, and his team for organizing these eye camps.Mahatma Gandhi Netralaya remains steadfast in its mission to provide comprehensive eye care services to the poor and needy
in the Alwar region. Our dedication to the cause, supported by the generous contributions of individuals and organizations, continues to bring light and hope to those who would otherwise be left in the shadows. As we move forward, we remain committed to expanding our services and reaching even more individuals in need of eye care.

Financial Year Total OPD Total Follow up Cataract Surgeries Spectacles Male Female
2018-19 9154 4287 482 361 218 264
2019-20 9746 3209 589 228 218 264
2020-21 4839 1600 581 775 289 292
2021-22 5176 1666 580 191 223 367
2022-23 5500 1096 368 37 2331 3169

Outreach Data

Financial Year No’s of Camps Total OPD Cataract Surgeries Spectacles Male Female
2020-21 4 950 72 419 34 38
2021-22 17 4482 427 1674 217 210
2022-23 42 7695 495 2635 239 256

For any netralaya-related query, Please contact- Vikas Gupta, Director (9414017653), Chandan, Coordinator (9928269641)