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Mahila Suraksha Evam Salah Kendra (MSSK), ALWAR

MAHILA SURAKSHA EVAM SALAH KENDRA, ALWAR “De-normalising domestic and other forms of violence against women.” Where do women as mothers, wives, daughters-in- law, and daughters go when they face violence at home? More often than not, the violence remains unreported in the unabashedly patriarchal setup.

From December 2008, SAPNA has been partnering with the police and the Department of Women and Child Development of the Rajasthan government for running the Mahila Suraksha Evam Salah Kendra at Alwar to safeguard the interests of women and girl children. The Kendra provides a social safety net ranging from mediation to legal aid, police support, medical help, and trauma counselling, Of the 309 cases received this year, 293 were resolved. Apart from handling casework, our team also tries to reach the community through many outreach activities.

Seeing violence against women as a gross violation of their human rights, SAPNA works to allay the fear of the survivors and helps them rebuild their lives. It partners with other like-minded organizations and civil-society activists to sensitize communities against social norms that condone male authority and violence. It also tries to ensure that the re-victimization of the survivor does not occur.

Coordinator & Chief Counselor
MSSK (Office)

Article on MSSK by Ms.Jasveen Alhuwalia & Mr. Sudhir Pratap Singh

Article on ‘Institutions and abused women’: an interactional model to access justice in India by Mr. Sudhir Pratap Singh & Ms. Meerambika Mahapatra

Annual Report  2018-19

Financial Year Total Cases Registered Male Clients Female Clients Closure Consultancy Total Expenditure (Rs.)
2014-2015 179 770 1089 186 3171 431015
2015-2016 237 951 882 105 2787 233281
2016-2017 129 988 1240 140 2828 288944
2017-2018 152 902 1130 146 2100 473863
2018-2019 196 970 1180 128 550441
2019-2020 309 500 750 293 359398
2020-2021 261 400 660 469032
2021-2022 274 300 450 322129