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Goat Rearing Project

In rural India, livestock farming is the main economic activity and a key component of the rural economy. To augment their income, the majority of socio-economically weaker rural families keep various types of livestock. Women, landless agricultural workers, and small-scale farmers rear two to three goats to augment their income. It offers farmers and the needy an alternate source of income throughout the year and serves as insurance against crop failure. The Goat Rearing Livelihood Program is an initiative to improve women’s livelihoods and was started by SAPNA in March 2022.

The goal was to increase the annual income of 25 underprivileged and disadvantaged goat-getting households in the villages of Dadikar and Hajipur by implementing better goat rearing techniques, improving breeds, and offering veterinary extension services. A committee was constituted for identification and verification of families. Each family signed an agreement document, and two goats were given to each family. To help and advice goat rearers, two Pashu Sakhis were hired at the village level. In the agreement, the beneficiaries must return the first two goat offspring’s to Sapna. Total project cost was Rs. 6.20 Lakhs and it was funded by Bry Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd as part of their CSR initiative.