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Sapna Nursery

Gandhi’s love for nature and emphasis on “cleanliness as next to Godliness” has been deeply embodied in the work culture of Sapna. The commitment of Sapna to environment protection and cleanliness is of a very high order. In keeping with its deep commitment to environment protection, planting trees and creating gardens, Sapna had started its own nursery in 2017 with more than 1000 plants.

The aim is to grow and develop our own plants cost-effectively for our use and for sale at a very reasonable cost to the villagers of the area. More than 5500 saplings have been planted in the area over the years. Despite the extremities of weather and arid soil, the majority of plants have survived. Sapna Nursery encourages people of the area to plant trees and provides plants at a nominal cost. In 2022 –23 total 1500 plants were planted and 500 plants were distributed.

Two forests, namely DRI Forest at Vijay Mandir and the Bry Air Forest in the village of Dadikar, are being developed by Sapna.
Both forests are a CSR effort by Desiccant Rotors Pvt. Ltd. and Bry Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. respectively. In each forest, 500 trees will be planted. 250 trees have already been planted, and the remaining trees will follow soon.

Coordinator: Chandan (9928269641)

Environment Protection and Conservation


The restoration of Vijay Sagar, a beautiful artificial lake constructed during the regime of Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar a century ago, has been one of SAPNA’s top priorities. Using traditional knowledge for sustainable solutions that include recharging ground water, raising the water table and reviving aquatic life are on drawing board. It also entails repair and strengthening of the bund, desilting of core areas, repair of water channels and afforestation of surrounding hills.

Coordinator: Chandan (9928269641)
Vijay Sagar Ground Water Report