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This project named “UDGAM” aims to provide employability skills to youth in the age group of 11 years plus to 18 (students of Class VIth to Class XIIth) years and basic computer knowledge at the functional level so that they can get suitable employment in the sales, retail, hospitality and other sectors and earn a livelihood, while still continue to pursue education through the various options available. The project will impart basic computer skills to students to children from class VIII to class XII. The above being the main objective, the project will aim to give basic computer literacy to these children from rural Kumaon so that they have more capability to learn and increased awareness in the present digital age. The project will involve the following activities, mainly revolving around two verticals.

Our main activities:

Mobilization of youth in villages around MATENA where the community will be encouraged to motivate youth to undertake computer literacy programme so that they are more aware of the world of work and available information can be more effectively used by them.

  1. Adolescents &youth will be enrolled in a four to five months computer course which will mainly expose them to MS Office and the internet, mail exchange and types of formal communication on the internet.
  2. Each batch will enroll about 15 students and retention of about 80 % for completion of the courseand the classes will be held three to four days a week for one to two hours depending on the initial response and learning levels of the beneficiaries. Thus, in one year about 45 to 50 beneficiaries will be trained.
  3. A communication skills facilitator will be hired to take English communication skill classes two days per week and conduct activity based learnings.
  4. For basic computer education the students taken up per year will be around 50, and their skills will be upgraded to basic knowledge, including practical knowledge of Microsoft Office and e-mail etiquettes.