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As you are aware that the rural youth is not able to access quality computer education and for many accessing educations in some of the high techs. institutes are beyond their means. They are also hesitant and unwilling to leave their villages due to family circumstances and background.

In this background, NGO Sapna started a Computer Literacy Center in Vijay Mandir, Alwar (Rajasthan) in 2007. This center is located on Behror Road, in the outskirts of Alwar.

The objective was to prepare rural graduates to be “industry-ready” in IT skills and enhance their employment opportunities. The IT training center offers a three-month certificate course named RS-CIT (Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology).
The targeted beneficiaries are youths in rural areas who have completed their schooling or graduation and are in the lookout for employment. So far, the center has successfully trained more than 1200 youths in Alwar. The present center is equipped with a lab with 20 computers and a theory classroom.

Now, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding our offerings by starting an IT college named Sapna IT College. We have started two new courses – Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) and Diploma in Accounts & GST – at Vijay Mandir, Alwar. We have tied up with Mizoram University and Tally Education for student certification. Our courses are designed to provide a balanced mix of theoretical and practical knowledge to our students, enabling them to acquire the necessary skills to excel in their chosen field.
New admissions have started at the Sapna IT College. There are currently two batches of accounts and GST, and three batches of RS-CIT. 26 students and 68 students, respectively, enrolled for the course.

Contact Us: Yash Sharma (8302229612)

Digital Literacy – Computer Literacy Centre (CLC), E-learning at the doorsteps

In the Information Age, digital literacy is one of the key factors in economic development and inclusive growth. It helps address socio-economic problems exacerbated by digital illiteracy. With a vision to make the young rural population of Alwar employable and empowered, and to bridge the digital-divide, SAPNA began its computer-literacy mission under the guidance of the then executive member Shri Akhilesh Jha in 2007.

The Computer Literacy Centre at Vijay Mandir has exposed hundreds of children to e-learning and trained young boys and girls in ICT skills. It is equipped with a modern computer lab,

It runs a Certificate Course in Information Technology (RS-CIT) in partnership with the Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation.

Financial Year No. of Batches No. of Students Enrolled Boys Girls Passed
2012-2013 07 131 110 21 101
2013-2014 10 153 114 39 68
2014-2015 08 93 64 29 75
2015-2016 10 147 120 27 106
2016-2017 12 180 123 56 137
2017-2018 11 176 125 51 127
2018-2019 11 110 71 39 84
2019-2020 11 146 78 68 115
2020-2021 10 114 72 42 102
2021-2022 10 95 68 27 82
2022-2023 7 161 100 61 152