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Safdarjung Hospital & Dharamshala, New Delhi

The World Health Organization estimates that every year150 million people suffer severe financial hardships because they have to pay for health services out of their own pockets. 100 million are pushed into poverty as a result. The statistics are even more intimidating in developing economies like India where the overarching goal of universal health coverage remains a pipe-dream and the risks from disability and chronic illnesses are exacerbated by poverty and other forms of structural inequalities. Health disparities have only worsened in recent years.SAPNA’s health related interventions began in 2004 through a gamut of patient-focused initiatives at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. Helping the disadvantaged navigate the complexities of the hospital ecosystem, providing resources for diagnostic, surgical and post-surgical procedures, addressing evidence-based nutritional needs, and giving assistance during discharge and recovery are areas that are being handled by SAPNA. We also provide food and counselling services to the family members of patients at the Safdarjung and the Rajgarhia AIIMS dharamshalas.Our team of experienced and trained social professionals work on the frontline of care, engaging with patients and their caregivers, educating them about their chronic, severe health conditions, counselling them, and connecting them with appropriate resources and services. We have supported prostatectomy, hernia repair, mastectomy, cholecystectomy, coronary artery bypass and a variety of cancer cases, but our core focus has been on cases with chronic renal failure or impairment, needing sustained dialysis and transplant. In 2019-20, our team helped 1140 patients access the out-patient services, supported 105 surgeries and 217 chronic renal cases, donated more than 200 wheelchairs and walkers, ferried 241 recovered people home and handled 26 cremations. We also organized blood-donation camps in partnership with Blood Connect-an organization steered by the students of IIT.

Social Worker: Anil :(9999759625), Sunil :(9899480453)

Financial Year No. of Patients Milk Distributed (lts) No. of Lunch & Dinner Distributed (No. of Diets) No. of Operations Total Expenditure(Rs.)
2014-2015 1024 9204  26067 59 3365819
2015-2016 1283 6090  24500 75 3548400
2016-2017 1368 9367.5  27221 195 4412408
2017-2018 1224 8157  34135 100 3142675
2018-2019 1156 7962  29101 113 3456977
2019-2020 1140 7853  28304 105 4349444
2020-2021 385 3595  19828 34 3163415
2021-2022 992 5298  21612 13 3503766
2022-2023 923 7680  31148 10 4859344