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Construction of Check Dam

In the pursuit of water conservation, Sapna embarked on a significant project in the village of Dadikar in 2020. The primary objective of this project was to collect rainwater effectively and raise the water levels in the region. This initiative aimed to address the long-standing water scarcity in the area.

First Check Dam (Reservoir 1): As part of this endeavor, two earthen check dams were constructed. In December 2021, the first check dam underwent a cementation process, generously supported by Bry Air Pvt Ltd under CSR contribution of Rs.17.50 lakhs. The cementation work of Dam was successfully completed in April 2022, and it was inaugurated on April 26th, 2022.

The impact of this check Dam after cementation project was remarkable. We also did some deepening work in the Dam. After the rain a significant amount of water collected in the dam. The above image shows the substantial increase in water retention post-cementation. Interviews with villagers revealed that borewells and ponds that had remained dry for many years were now replenished with water. This substantial water availability proved to be a boon for the villagers, enabling them to cultivate crops such as wheat, barley, and mustard in their land.

Second Check Dam (Reservoir 2): Inspired by the success of the first dam, Sapna requested Dessicant Rotors International Private Limited for the construction of a second check dam. This new project was situated in front of “Anandam” at Dadikar and Dessicant Rotors International generously sanctioned Rs. 12.50 lakhs for its construction.

The second dam, measuring 250 feet in length, 10 feet in height, and 4 feet in width, was completed and inaugurated on March 3rd, 2023. Initial observations indicate a substantial collection of water in this dam, raising hopes for a significant increase in water levels in the near future.

The ongoing success of these check dam projects highlights the importance of collaborative efforts of NGOs, Institutional Donors & villagers in addressing critical issues such as water scarcity. We remain grateful to Bry Air Pvt Ltd and Dessicant Rotors International Private Limited for their unwavering support. We look forward to the continued success of these water conservation efforts and their contribution to the sustainable development of the region.