Urmila Re-United with her Family

On 15 April 2019, a 34-year-old woman named Urmila was found near Vijay Mandir Road. He was seen by our Social Worker Shiv kumar. He brought her to the Anandam – a home for the homeless at Vijay Mandir, Alwar. We realized her mental condition was not good. She was very disturbed, agitated and was not able to give any information about her whereabout. The next day she was shown to the psychiatric doctor and treatment began in all earnest. The doctor instructed her to take medicine regularly after a few months, we saw a lot of improvement in her. She began assisting in day-to-day activities of Anandam such as cooking, drinking water to patients and cleaning work.

After about two years, she gave information about her family members. She stated that she is a resident of Baharchuwan village, in Korba district of Chhattisgarh and provided information that her husband’s name is Gokul and she has a son by the name of Rajkumar, who is studying in Arts stream in class 12th.

She said that her husband used to fight with her repeatedly under the influence of alcohol and she was in a depressing state and one day she decided to left the house. She also mentioned the name of the police station Kartla Police Station which was close to her house.

After this, the management of Anandam started contacting the Kartla police station and local Police administration. We contacted Senior Inspector Tej Yadav from Kartla police station. He assisted us in locating her family. We sent Urmila’s images on his WhatsApp. He contacted the village sarpanch and showed the picture of Urmila. Sarpanch recognized her immediately and called and her family members.

It also came to know that Urmila’s husband passed away two years back. Her son was unbale to come Alwar along due to their financial constraints. After persistent efforts, finally on 17th April, 2023 SI Tej Yadav along with her son Raj Kumar arrived Vijay Mandir, Alwar to take her back. Urmila went to her village Baharchuwan on 18 April 2023 with her son. May she live happily with his family and children, this is our prayer to God.