Story of Bittu

40 years old Abdul Majid (Bittu) from Roorke slum area, Uttrakhand admitted in Anandam, Vijay Mandir on 12.02.2023. He came here with his 4 year old son. His wife Sadika was our inmate in February 2019. Our social workers found Bittu’s wife, Sadika, at the roadside with a 3-month-old kid. We had started her on medication because her mental health wasn’t very good at the time. After seven months of medications, she started recovery. She spoke to us about her husband and provided his phone number. We contacted her husband Bittu and he came to Alwar. After spending a year in Anandam, Vijay Mandir, Sadika and Bittu made the decision to return to their home in Rurki once Sadika had fully recovered. We sent them back in 2020. On February 09th, 2023, Bittu called our caretaker Ramesh to inform him know that Sadia had abandoned him and his child two months earlier. His child is with him, and he is ill. With his child, he wanted to visit Anandam. He traveled to Alwar by train from Haridwar before being admitted to Anandam. When Ramesh, our caretaker, brought him to the hospital for a diagnosis, the doctor diagnosed that his condition was not good and that his lungs were seriously infected. The doctor advised complete bed rest and prescribed medicines. His medical care is still ongoing. He is being cared for by our social worker, along with his 4-year-old child. We hope he recovers quickly.