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Trauma Centre, AIIMS
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Have you been avoiding the piles of clothes that you don’t wear anymore because you don’t know what to do with them? Do old books occupy every inch of your living space but you just don’t have the heart to hand them over to the raddiwalla and have them torn to shreds? Are you having leftovers from a family gathering and want to share your joy of food with someone? May we suggest that if you have piles of things lying around that are of no use to you but might benefit someone else, you donate them, putting them to good and noble use?

Our Homes at Alwar, Noida & AIIMS serve people of all ages & often need day-to-day essentials. List of items that we happily accept at SAPNA
1. Dry rations including cooking essentials like Dal, Rice, Atta, Spices and so on
2. Snacks like Biscuits, fruits, etc
3. Mask, Sanitiser, Dettol, Sanitary pads, Medicines & Basic Toiletries.
4. Event leftover eatables
5. Clothes for summer & winter, bedsheets, curtains, etc
6. Blankets
7. Footwear
8. Books & Stationery items
9. Office equipment
10. School Utilities & Toys
11. Electronics like fan/heater, laptop, etc
12. Sewing Machines for our Silai Center